One week into lockdown . . .

Well what a week (can it only have been that long?)

Time seems to have slowed down (or maybe expanded?) since lockdown started. We’re all struggling to come to terms with the extraordinary situation we find ourselves in. Like many (though not all) artists, I’m in the fortunate position that I can carry on working in my studio at home, and have found it a welcome refuge from the continuing anxieties and uncertainty.

In the week before lockdown, I spent an afternoon drawing outside which was pure joy. For minutes at a time, I could almost believe that nothing had changed. I’ve certainly become more aware of what an important role art can play in providing some respite, even if temporary, whether through making work or observing it.

I’ve been heartened to see so many online projects, as well as initiatives like the Artist Support Pledge, all aimed at supporting fellow artists & encouraging them to keep working in the face of unprecedented adversity. And it’s encouraging to see galleries continue to showcase and promote artists’ work online. Thompsons Galleries were due to open an exhibition of work by 20 New English artists next week (including three of my paintings) but I’m glad to say they’re proceeding with the show, albeit online only: view here.

Some of the things which I’m finding helpful –

• Noticing the signs of spring
• Making short drawings/studies
• Online yoga
• Phoning friends and family
• Trying to focus on small things, like birdsong
• Guilty pleasures: cheese and chocolate mini eggs

Despite having all this extra time, the house remains resolutely untidied, and the garden is as much of a mess as ever . . .

Let’s keep on making and enjoying art; and keep supporting each other.
Take care of yourselves and stay safe,